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YIKIS music digest #6 ‘Music to spend your money on’

Pagan interface – the last days of everything

It’s not only plunky and the oneness who has been concerned of the future, also the next artist named pagan interface seemingly is slightly worried. Pagan interface it’s music is self described as neuromantic chillwave for the post apocalypse, which I might say is a fitting title. The music might not have the commercial music appeal that would suit those poppy fancy pansy radio stations all over the globe, but presumably if they all knew the end of the world was just around the corner; why not spin any of these tracks and broadcast it to a wider audience? At least we can go out on an electronic little chill swing – it will soothe the pain when the Big Bang comes to sort it all out. Be quick to throw it some money too, as it would be a real damn shame (don’t worry none of my children read this column so I could be as crude as I wanted to be) if all the money would be just become even more worthless than it used to be. Better spend some on ‘the last days of everything’ so the artist could eat and drink something nice before the gods will press that big restart button! Besides this album is pretty nice to hear before we get hit by that prophetically big meteorite!

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